The only bus service now provided for Chedworth is Stagecoach’s Service 78 operating on Mondays and Fridays only.

The timetable is as follows:

Winson, opp Village Turn 0915
Fossebridge, Hill View 0923
Yanworth, Village Hall 0929
Withington, Compton Rise 0941
Chedworth, The Ladder House 0954
Chedworth, Calmsden Turn 1004
North Cerney, Phone Box school stop 1009
Rendcomb, Post Office, school stop 1013
Woodmancote, The Apiary 1019
Bagendon, St Margaret’s Church 1024
Stratton, Old Meeting Hall 1028
Cirencester, opp Job Centre 1030

Cirencester, opp Job Centre 1310
Stratton, opp Old Meeting Hall 1312
Bagendon, St Margarets Church 1320
Woodmancote , The Apiary 1325
Rendcomb, Post Office, school stop 1331
North Cerney Village Hall 1335
Chedworth, Calmsden Turn 1340
Chedworth, The Ladder House 1350
Withington, Compton Rise 1403
Yanworth, Village Hall 1415
Fossebride, Hill View 1421
Winson, Village Turn 1430

The service commences on Monday 8th August 2016. It is supported by Gloucestershire County Council.