Neither jam nor Jerusalem!

wiNew members are welcome at our monthly meetings on the 2nd Wednesday in the month at Chedworth village hall at 7.15 pm

We offer two meetings free as a taster and then we hope you wiill join us.
The details of the meetings can be found in this website.
Contact e mail is our Secretary
Mick Marsh


Monthly Meetings/Events 2016

Wednesday 13th April Flower Arrangements Speaker is Bridget Cleaver.

Wednesday 11th May  Resolutions Helen Taylor President.

Wednesday 8th June   CARSON and I. My short life in Service. Speaker is Matthew Gacek.

Wednesday 13th July  TAX CARE and TOY BOYS. Speaker is Nick Mummings.

Wednesday 10th August Outing.

Wednesday 14th September 14th Regency Dress Speaker is Veronica Isaac.

Wednesday 12th October Scrubditch Farm Speaker is Gerry Fouracres.

Wednesday 9th November AGM and PARTY.

Wednesday 19th November 19th COUNTY WALK.

Wednesday 14th December The Edible Flower Garden. Speaker is Milia Lightfoot.