There are 8 charities in Chedworth registered with the Charity Commission:

  • Chedworth Allotment Charity
  • Chedworth Community Lands Charity
  • Chedworth Playgroup
  • Chedworth Society
  • Chedworth Village Hall
  • Chedworth WI
  • St Andrew’s School (Chedworth) Parent Teacher Association
  • The Chedworth Village Trust


The Chedworth Village Trust

The Chedworth Village Trust was set up two generations ago by three local families with the aim of assisting St. Andrew’s Church, the Village Hall and St. Andrew’s School.

In recent years the remit of the Trust has widened slightly to include specific projects that benefit the community as a whole, such as the “Chedworth Remembers” project.

The Trust will also consider applications for assistance from  Chedworth people wanting to embark on a course of education. This could be an undergraduate degree course, an apprenticeship, vocational training or post-graduate degree. 

If you are a student or a community organization, and you would like to apply to the Trust for assistance,  please contact the Trust’s secretary, Sarah Green, Highlaines House, School Lane Chedworth, or

The Trustees are:

Ken Minshull

Brian Bowley

Cate Owen

Richard Isaac

Matt Fulford

Alice Sinton

Robert Young

The Hugh Westwood Educational Trust

The Hugh Westwood Educational Trust provides grants of approximately £100 to £200 each year for all students from the Chedworth area who are going on to Higher Education. Students need to apply to the Secretary of the Trust at the start of their course and then confirm each year that they are still continuing.

Further details are available from Ros Marsden on 01285 720237.

Chedworth Community Lands Charity & the Church Lands Charity 

These charities were established and sealed by the Board of Charity Commissioners on 4th February 1896 although in those days known as the Church & Poor’s Land Charity.

In 1962 two separate charities were registered with the Charity Commissioners and on 4th December 1995 the Poor’s Land Charity became Chedworth Community Lands Charity.

The Church Lands Charity is administered by three trustees being the current Vicar and both Church Wardens of St Andrew’s Church and the funds are available for the maintenance of the church.

The Community Lands Charity is administered by three trustees being the current Vicar and two persons appointed by the Parish Council. Its funds used for the maintenance and support to the needy of the parish.

The ‘land’ referred to in both charity titles is 18½ acres (approx) of agricultural land between Chedworth & Yanworth. (At present rented by the Vestey Estate.)

The trustees of the Community Lands Charity are:

Mr David Broad
Mr Andrew Miles
Reverend Stephen Goundrey-Smith

The Chedworth Allotment Lands Charity

Land at the Laines was given by King Richard II for the poor and needy in the Village of Chedworth upon which grew timber for them to collect for fuel.  For many years the Village Parish Council had debated what to do about it, never reaching a conclusion. With the advent of the Second World War it was reclaimed and farmed by the Laines farmer Mr Pinchin with a rent being paid to the Parish Council.

In the spring of 1982 it was agreed that the original field be sold to Laines Farm in return for the present field closer to the Village and an additional sum of money to be invested.  This proposal was agreed by the Village and the Charity Commission, and the Scheme was approved and established as “The scheme for regulation of the Chedworth Allotment Charity”.

We have five Trustees, three are elected by the Parish Council to serve on a three year cycle the other two are co-opted by the elected three. All five then elect the Chairman and Secretary/Treasurer.

Annual accounts are presented to the Annual Parish meeting and also sent with the Annual Return to the Charity Commission, though this is not really required as the turnover is below the Charity Commission requirement, as a result the accounts do not need to be professionally audited, consequently saving considerable expense.

The Charity Commission website shows details of the Charity and may be found by clicking here.

Income is derived from the field known as Crows Castle, and interest on capital invested as required by the Charity Commission in our terms of reference. Some income may need to be used to maintain the field, the remainder for use as described later.

Trustees are bound by The Scheme approved in 1982 by the Charity Commission the Scheme in detail may be seen on request at any of the Trustees.

The application of income can briefly explained as follows :-

“Subject to payment of any expenses aforesaid the Trustees shall apply the income of the Charity in relieving either generally or individually persons resident in the Parish of Chedworth who are in conditions of need,  hardship or distress by making grants of money or providing or paying for items, services or facilities by way of donations or subscriptions to institutions or organizations which provide or which undertake in return to provide such items , services or facilities for such persons.

In exceptional cases the Trustees may grant relief to persons to persons otherwise eligible therefore who are resident immediately outside the said parish but in the opinion of the Trustees ought never the less for sufficient reason be treated as if resident therein or who are located for the time being within that parish”.

(Trustees consider this very much in line with King Richard’s intention.)


In applying income of the Charity for relief in need the Trustees shall not commit themselves to repeat or renew the relief granted on any occasion in any case.”

This is an abbreviated version, the full text is available with any Trustee.

If you or any one you know fall into the category above please contact any Trustee in confidence for advice.

Applications must finally be made in writing to the Trust Secretary in confidence who will arrange a meeting of Trustees who may then wish to interview the applicant. All grants are given in complete confidence.

Any further information may obtained from either of the current Trustees Listed below.

  • Mr David Broad, Brookvale. Chedworth. GL54 4AB
  • Mrs Myra Burridge, Ashbank. Chedworth. GL54 4AQ
  • Mr Nigel Finch, Woodlands Chedworth GL54 4NT
  • Mr Maurice Wilkins, Ballingers Farm. Chedworth. GL54 4NQ
  • Mrs Helen Taylor, 26 Hemplands. Chedworth. GL54 4NH