What are CHOC’s main objectives?

Chedworth Oil Club is an independent and voluntary domestic oil buying organisation within the village and ha been in existence for over 10years. At the last count over 160 households were signed up members.

The main objectives of the Club are:

  • To achieve competitive price discounts for its members through volume of purchases
  • To reduce the number of oil delivery vehicles into the village and thus help improve the local environment. Less lorry traffic reduces risk of damage to verges, stone walls and buildings. It helps traffic flow and lowers pollution.
  • To raise funds to support local projects that benefit our community at large.
  • And to add a little spice, give all members a chance to share in the free 1000 litres of oil (donated by the supplier). The annual draw currently held during the Horticultural Show or anther suitable event in August.

CHOC Membership:

You can become a CHOC member if you are an adult and are normally responsible for paying the domestic energy bills for any property situated in Chedworth and District (this includes Fossebridge, Chedworth Laines, Coln St. Dennis, Yanworth and Calcot) and accept all the terms laid down in the Membership Application and Consent Form.
Membership is free of charge!

How is CHOC run and funded?
The CHOC membership-elected Committee (listed below) consists of three members who are voluntary and unpaid except for accountable minor expenses.  The Committee meets at least three times a year, makes strategic decisions and reports to the AGM.  The organisation receives income, paid half-yearly as commission from the supplier at the rate of ¼%, calculated on the membership’s total fuel orders for that period.  Accounts are verified by a qualified person annually.

How does it work?
Simply download, fill in and sign the Membership Application Form agreeing to the terms and scan or photo and email to the address below. Or return the form to Richard Todd, Old Village Stores, Cheap Street, Chedworth GL54 4AA. You will then be given your Membership and Sweet Fuels Account Number for use when ordering your fuel.

You will be able to check the oil price for CHOC members (which will include the discount) by ringing Sweet Fuels and you can then order oil direct when you require it. You will pay the price you are quoted when you place your order. Top-up and Budget schemes are available.

Our current supplier is Sweet Fuels of Faringdon, telephone number 01367 710666.
To benefit both your household and Chedworth village, please DON’T DELAY, JOIN TODAY.

Please contact Richard in the first instance for all enquiries


Richard Todd 01285 720367,  Steve Scott Smith   01285 720431 and Denis Moore.

All emails should go to choc@chedworth.org.uk