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Chedworth Remembers – The Book now Available! — 7 Comments

  1. What an amazing piece of research not only to create a fitting tribute to the Chedworth men who died and served in WW1 but also as a Social History of the Village during those years.Congratulations and thanks to Peter and Mike.

    Wouldn’t it make a wonderful book in print?

    • Thank you for your kind comments. We have indeed printed it as a book and given copies to local libraries, museums and archives. The cost of printing such a small batch makes each copy quite expensive – in the region of £60 each (depending on number and hard or soft cover). We are, however, thinking of printing just one or two more once we have given people a chance to see the research and tell us of any errors. If you really would like a book please get in touch with either of us.
      The original intention was always to make the research as widely available as we possibly could and in this day and age that means an Internet medium. Families of our Great War Hereos are today spread all over the world and hopefully they will have the opportunity to find and download the book at an affordable price. It was always our intention to do this and also to lodge the raw material of our research with the archives in Gloucester to be available for future researchers.

  2. What a wonderful work of real history! Peter Seymour and Mike Tovey (and their many helpers)are to be congratulated on a great achievement. This is an example which other villages would do well to follow. Many congratulations.

    PS. Is it too much to hope that this may be followed by something similar about those who served and died in the Second World War before all living memories have faded and gone?

  3. Great to see all your hard work coming together in this historical record of our Chedworth ancestors. Satisfying to see our common knowledge brought together In a single volume as a testament to their sacrifice from which we all benefit today. Congratulations once again to you Mike and Peter for all your efforts on this and the whole Chedworth centenary commemorations.

  4. Very many thanks for this excellent record. As a grandson of Raymond Vizor, it was a lovely surprise to come across your work this weekend. I can confirm that my grandfather did end up being posted to France and the family have some memoirs covering some of his time there. We also know that at some point during the war he served as batman to Major Frederick W B Cripps. I shall be sure to visit St Andrews Church to view the roll of honour, as have my parents in the past. Again, thank you so much for taking the time to create this invaluable record.

  5. Hi, can you tell me if you have any information on the Rudman family who lived in Chedworth? I have a personal family link and have very limited information. I know there was a George Rudman and wondered if there were any descendants. Any help would be so much appreciated. Jan Cook

    • Hello Jan, I will pass on your request to our local historian, Mike Tovey, to see if he can help you further. Kind regards Iain

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