Dear Friends,

Review of 2018 Events.

We had two excellent and contrasting community fund raising events which were very well supported :-


  • A Bridge Afternoon on 10th April in Chedworth Village Hall- a competitive but friendly occasion, ending with a marvellous high tea.
  • The Summer Drinks Party at the Manor on 23rd June – we were blessed with a lovely warm  evening . Richard Isaac, as Chairman of the Trustees, gave a resumé to the large gathering of FoStA’s activities and plans.
  • In addition to the above events, Tim and Jeannie Hamilton raised funds for FoStA by providing hospitality at the production of Much Ado About Nothing  held in the garden of the Manor in June.

Membership and Finance.

            Membership is nearly 80 households

            The account balance at 1st January 2018 was                                    £16,798

            Income during 2018 comprised :-

                        Gift Aided Donations                  £4,265
                       Donations and Warmpew          £1,540
                       Bridge Afternoon                            £785
                       Summer Drinks Party                    £380
                       Shakespeare in the garden        £1,364
                       Christmas Cards                             £670 

            TOTAL INCOME                                                                                        £9,004

             Expenses in 2018:-

            Grant to PCC for heating system          £10,295     
            Christmas Card printing                        £443
            Village Hall for bridge                            £55
            New Welcome leaflets *                       £30.    

            TOTAL EXPENDITURE                                                                            £10,823

Balance at 31st December 2018                                                                     £14,979

*          FoStA deliver a Welcome Leaflet (with details of village organisations etc) to all newcomers to the village.

 Events for 2019.

  • Talk by our Patron, Lord Hoffmann on the last Lord Chedworth (1754-1804) at 7.30pm Friday 22nd March in Chedworth Village Hall
    Tickets £7.50 from Sue Callard 01285 720468 and Sue Sharman 01285 720408
  • Summer Drinks Party at the Laines Farm Chedworth 6pm Saturday 17th August, RSVP by 10th August to Sue Callard 720468, donations invited.


The New Church Heating System 2018.

The Trustee’s priority for 2018 was to make a contribution of £10,295 towards the cost of the electric heating system. This together with a grant of £20,000 from the Chedworth Church Lands Charity and general fund raising meant that the full cost of the heating scheme and the installation of mains water was met before orders were placed for the work,  a tremendous achievement for a small community. The Friends have received the grateful thanks of the PCC, for our support, both financial and general. The work was completed in the late autumn, the church was pleasantly warm in time for the Advent and Christmas services.




Out with the old                                                In with the new

Grants 2019.

            As ever, the PCC has an extensive list of further work that needs to be carried out on its ancient building and when it has had an opportunity to consider the priorities for the next programme of works, the Trustees will  review the provision of grants.

Your Views and Suggestions.

We would welcome your feedback and suggestions for future events, fund raising and offers of help etc.

Please contact the FoStA Committee (all code 01285)- Richard Isaac-Chairman of the Trustees 720276- Jeanie Hamilton- Treasurer 720233, Sue Callard 720468, Sue Nashe 720254, Sue Sharman 720408, Paul Deamer 720525, Heather Brown 720280, Ken Minshull 720425, Julie and Robert Young 720398.