Dear Friends,

Review of 2017 Events

We had three excellent community fund raising events which many of you enjoyed and supported :-

Peter Juggins gave a most interesting illustrated talk on “Chedworth in the Past” on 24th March in the village hall. This was very well attended and raised £740

Jeannie and Tim Hamilton’s generous hospitality during “The Merchant Of Venice” in the Manor garden from 20th to 24th June raised £1,890 each for FoStA and Winstons Wish.

The Flower Festival in the church and Open Gardens over the weekend of 24th and 25th June raised £673 each for FoStA and the Chedworth Horticultural Society.

Membership and Finance

Membership now stands at nearly 80 household.

The account balance at 1st January 2017 was                                              £13,816

Income during 2017 comprised :-

Subscriptions                                            £3,876

Donations                                                      £63

Fund raising                                             £3,303

Sale of Christmas cards                              £745

TOTAL INCOME                                                                                                £7,987

Expenses in 2017 :-

The Trustee’s made grants to the PCC for :-

50% of the cost of window repairs and a new window guard      £1,531

Heating costs                                                                                 £2,575

Materials for new tower roof hatch                                                  £391

Costs of fund raising                                                                        £508

TOTAL EXPENDITURE                                                                                   £5,005


Current Balance at 31st December 2017                                                    £16,798

 Events for 2018

Bridge Afternoon at 2pm Tuesday 10th April in Chedworth Village Hall with tea.

Tickets £10 from Heather Brown 01285 720280 and Sue Callard 01285 720 468

Fifth Anniversary of FoStA Summer Drinks Party in the Manor Garden 6pm Saturday 23rd June. Voluntary donations are invited for FoStA funds. RSVP Jeannie and Tim Hamilton 01285 720233.

Trustee’s Priority for 2018

The Trustee’s wish to maintain their objective of contributing to the preservation and well being of St Andrew’s Church by involving the community. The Trustees have approved grants this year for the restoration of the sundial £330 and a contribution towards the repairs to the stonework and pointing on the chancel and vestries £2139.

The heating crisis…

As you may have heard the Church’s 150 year old heating system has finally failed with a major leak in the underfloor piping which cannot be mended. The Parochial Church Council have decided to install an electric heating system with under pew heaters, as advised by energy expert Matt Fulford who has kindly undertaken the project management of the scheme which will require the installation of a three phase electricity supply from the pole in the church verge. The Church has no water supply and so the cable trench will also be used for the laying of a mains water pipe to a stand tap. The cost will be very substantial and the Trustees propose that FoStA should fund the water supply and also would, with your support, like to make a suitably large contribution to the new heating system. Though the fabric of the church building survived reasonably well for about a thousand years before heating was installed, the building would cease to function for a large part of the year without heating. It is hoped that Friends will be keen to see that the Church remains warm and welcoming in the future. We will be seeking special support when the detailed costings are known.

Data Protection

In order to function the Friends need to maintain a membership list with contact details. That the law relating to data protection needs tightening is illustrated by current coverage about the Facebook data usage but we do not wish to lose contact with our Friends so please respond positively to our separate email on this subject.

Your Views and Suggestions.

We would welcome your feedback and suggestions for future events, publicity, fund raising  and offers of help.

Please contact the FoStA Committee (all code 01285)- Richard Isaac- Chairman of the Trustees 720276, Sue Callard 720468, Jeannie Hamilton 720233, Sue Nashe 720254, Sue Sharman 720408, Paul Deamer 720525, Heather Brown 720280, Julie and Robert Young 720398.