Animal Services

Animal Services will take place in June in both Chedworth and Yanworth.

  • Sunday June 9th – Playing Field, Chedworth, at 4pm
  • Sunday June 23rd – Field by Village Hall, Yanworth at 4pm

All animals – and their owners! – welcome! This is an opportunity to gather as all of God’s creatures together, to thank God for our animals, and to pray for animal welfare. Refreshments will be served afterwards.

Stowell Park Open Gardens

Stowell Park Gardens will be open on the afternoon of Sunday 2nd June by kind permission of Lord & Lady Vestey. The Stowell Park Open Gardens series is an important fundraise for Yanworth & Stowell Parish Churches, so please support this event if you can. If you have never looked around Stowell Park Gardens, it’s well worth doing!

Scarecrow Trail – 29th-30th June

After the success of previous years, the Chedworth Scarecrow Trail, in aid of St Andrew’s Church, Chedworth, will be run again this year on the weekend of 29th-30th June, kindly organised this year by Mrs Bee Eastman. The theme is “Countries around the World” and there are prizes for the best scarecrows for adults and children under 16. To enter, download your entry form from the village website ( or contact Bee Eastman on 720589.

Holiday Club

For various reasons, we have decided not to organise a Church Holiday Club during ten summer holidays this year. Nevertheless, our Family Communion and Picnic will take place at Coln St Dennis on Sunday 4th August, and our Light Party will proceed as normal in October. And we are already getting our ideas together for our rebooted Holiday Club in 2020!

Our Parish Church – Volunteers Needed

Our parish church is perhaps unique among local Chedworth village organisations in that it has been going for over a thousand years. During that time, has been a place where anyone in our parishes can worship God, celebrate significant occasions in life and find peace and comfort in times of trouble.

Of course, all local organisations need helpers and supporters if they are to survive and thrive, and the church is no different. We are very grateful for the support we have received during the last five years or so from many friends and supporters including the Friends of St Andrew’s Chedworth (FoStA).

Now, we are looking for people who can help at our Sunday services and the work of the church in general. In the next year, we would like to recruit two new churchwardens, who would work closely with me in the oversight of the church building and ministry. However, we also want to recruit some additional sides-persons, who act as assistants to the churchwardens at particular services.

Being a sides-person will not require you to attend every service, but to commit to helping at specific services on a rota basis. The duties are not onerous but would make a real difference for me and the churchwardens and would assist with the welcome we give to regular congregation members and visitors alike. Please see this as a way of getting involved and serving your local community, as well as the church.

If you would like to help, please contact Stephen (720392), Robert (720398) or Sue (720468).

Church Consultation

Five years ago, in 2014, we held a consultation day of prayer and reflection, to consider the church’s mission and outreach to the villages, and how the church might serve the community here. Since then we have been working to a benefice strategy concerning the events we do, the services we provide and the way we work here.

We would now like to do a follow-up Church Consultation – but this time, rather than having a meeting, which is time-consuming to arrange and which not everyone can attend at any one time, we will be using an innovative software package called v-Wall, to gather your views and opinions electronically. You will be able to engage with the consultation in your own time, and at your convenience, on your smart phone or device.

I will approach individuals who are on the church (incumbent’s) mailing list in the next month or so, with further information and a link to the survey. If you are not on the church mailing list, and have not received our privacy statement, but you would like to take part in the consultation, please contact me by email on


Please note that Felicity Peake has been appointed as the Parish Safeguarding Officer for the three parishes within the Hill & Valley Benefice (Chedworth, Yanworth & Stowell, and Coln Rogers & Coln St Denys). Felicity will be handling safeguarding issues relating to activities for young people that take place under the auspices of the church – the Holiday Club, Light Party and 6-8 Club.

This is a voluntary role and Felicity has many years’ experience dealing with safeguarding matters in a professional capacity in various roles in the Police Service, the NSPCC and schools.

The Safeguarding Officer role entails working closely with the ministry team, giving advice within the three parishes on all safeguarding matters relating to children, young people and vulnerable adults.

This will ensure that the church leadership remains informed of good safeguarding practice. Felicity will receive and deal with any safeguarding concerns relating to children, young people & adults in the parish and will ensure that appropriate advice is sought from the Diocese Safeguarding Team in Gloucester, in order that any necessary referrals are made to the relevant authorities.

Felicity will also maintain our PCCs’ safeguarding records regarding DBS checks and safeguarding training for helpers at church children’s and young people’s activities.

Felicity’s husband, David, will assist her in a voluntary capacity as Evidence Checker. He will be responsible for the administration of all Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) applications within the church. Such checks are necessary when working regularly with young people.

If you have any parish safeguarding concerns, you can contact myself or Felicity on 01285 720306 or


“You are all children of the light and children of the day”. 1 Thessalonians 5v5

Meredith Armitage – 5th May – St Andrew’s Church, Chedworth