Scarecrow Trail

A big thank you to all who made our Scarecrow Trail on 29th-30th June a success.  Particular thanks to Bee Brockman for organising the event this year.

Harvest Festival

Our Harvest Festival this year is on Sunday 29th September at St Andrew’s Church, Chedworth at 10.30am. This year we are having a new-style informal Harvest Festival service, in conjunction with the Chedworth Horticulural Society. Come and thank God for the harvest of the fields and gardens – and find out from local growers their tips for success! This service is suitable for all ages. More details in the September H&V.

Advance Notice – Test of Faith

Our autumn course this year is entitled Test of Faith looking at the relationship between science and Christian faith, using a great set of resources from the diocese. It is often supposed that you cannot be a Christian AND trust in science. However, nothing could be further than the truth – many of the earliest scientists were Christians! Find out why in our course….The course will consist of a session each Tuesday in October – October 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd and 19th. The sessions will be as follows: 1) Duel or Duet, 2) Creation & Evolution,   3) Good World?  4)   Being Human and 5) Ethical Toolkit. This course is not specifically for scientists (although is especially suitable for those working in scientific professions), but is suitable for anyone who wants to explore these important issues. More details in the September H&V.

Advance Notice –St Andrew’s Day Ceilidh –30th November

After the success of last year’s event, do join us for this year’s St Andrew’s Day Ceilidh on Saturday 30th November at Chedworth Village Hall – a whole-village family fun event to brighten up those dark winter nights! Join us for an evening of superbly choreographed Scottish dancing (no previous experience necessary!) with ceilidh band, Hetty Pegler’s Tump, as well as a delicious Scottish buffet! This event is jointly organised by St Andrews Church and St Andrew’s School PTA.

Tickets will be available from the September onwards, but for now save the date and keep a look out in the Hill& Valley Magazine and on the Chedworth Facebook and NextDoor sites after the summer break for ticket details. Help us make it a Chedworth St Andrews day to remember!

Church Consultation

Five years ago, in 2014, we held a consultation day of prayer and reflection, to consider the church’s mission and outreach to the villages, and how the church might serve the community here. Since then we have been working to a benefice strategy concerning the events we do, the services we provide and the way we work here.

We would now like to do a follow-up Church Consultation – to set our direction here for the next few years. This time though, rather than having a meeting,  which is time-consuming to arrange and which not everyone can attend at any one time, we will be using an innovative software package called v-Wall, to gather your views and opinions electronically. You will be able to engage with the consultation in your own time, and at your convenience, on your smart phone or device. We have a had a slight delay, but I will approach individuals who are on the church (incumbent’s) mailing list in the near future, with further information and a link to the survey. If you are not on the church mailing list, and have not received our privacy statement, but you would like to take part in the consultation, please contact me by email on

From the Registers


“Nothing in creation can separate us from the love of God”. Romans 8v39

Beryl Leach – St Michael’s Church, Yanworth – 19th June


“You are all children of the light and children of the day”. 1 Thessalonians 5v5

Samuel Vestey – St Leonard’s Church,Stowell – 23rd June