Midweek Communion

We are pleased to announce that we are launching a new monthly midweek service of Holy Communion at St Andrew’s Church, Chedworth, on the first Wednesday of the month at 10.30 am. This will be a quiet, reflective service, with prayers for our world and community. The service type will alternate between Common Worship and Book of Common Prayer but we hope the prayerful atmosphere will be the same for both. Anyone who would like to join us for prayer, but not receive communion, would also be most warmly welcome.

Lent Course – The Passion Week of Jesus

A large portion of each of the four Gospels is devoted to the final week of Jesus’ life on earth – the passion week.  We think we know the story – but do we really?  Christians believe Jesus’ death and resurrection was the most significant event in the whole of human history.  But what were the events leading up to that fateful day?  What happens when we read all four Gospels together?  Challenges and new insights come to light, as well as a few mysteries that have baffled theologians for 2,000 years. The things Jesus said and did in that final week take on a new significance when seen in the light of the cross – where only he knew the path was leading.

Come and join us for our fascinating Lent Course this year, which will take place on Tuesdays in Lent (3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st March) at Chedworth Village Hall from 7.30pm – 9.30pm. The course will be led by the Rev’d Dan Button from the Gloucestershire Theology School. Further details from stephengoundreysmith@gmail.com or info@gtstheology.org. A perfect way to reflect and prepare for Easter.

Lent Lunches

Our Lent Lunches will take place on Tuesdays during Lent (3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st March) from 12 noon – 2pm. Everyone is warmly welcome. Details of venues to follow in the March H&V.

Prayer in Lent

St Andrew’s Church, Chedworth, will be open during Lent for reflective prayer (from 9am to 5pm). Drop in any time you like….visit the prayer stations…spend time with God…light a candle. Take some time out for you, you’re worth it!

Women’s World Day of Prayer

The Women’s World Day of Prayer Service takes place on Friday 6th March at St Andrew’s Church, Chedworth at 7.30pm.

Church Consultation – Our Next Step

During autumn last year, we ran a consultation using the v-Wall virtual business engagement software tool to gather ideas to help us to determine our strategy for the church for the next few years. We received a range of helpful responses and the following themes have emerged from respondents’ comments:

  • People of all ages are well catered for by different church services and events, and feel welcomed at our services.
  • Concerning services, people valued sermons/talks and good hymns. Some said that it would be good to have more live music in church. A number of people said they would value more quiet, spiritual services, and some expressed a wish for a midweek service.
  • People enjoy the range of different services available, especially those services that take place outside the church buildings (for example, Rogation Service and the Animal Service).
  • Services and events for the major festivals – Christmas and Easter – are especially valued and appreciated.
  • People are happy with the role of the church in the villages and local community.
  • No major changes are needed in what the church offers.
  • Some people are attracted by social events organised by the church (for example, Friends of St Andrew’s Church Drinks Party and the St Andrew’s Ceilidh), rather than “religious” events, and want to support the church that way.

The consultation has turned up no major surprises, and it seems that people are by and large happy with church life as it is. We will be making a few small, but important, changes to reflect the preferences people expressed, and further meet the needs of parishioners.

Advance Notice – Confirmation Service – Sunday 10th May

On Sunday 10th May at St Andrew’s Church, Chedworth at 10.30 am, we will be joined by Bishop Robert, the Bishop of Tewkesbury for our Confirmation Service. Confirmation is an important service where people growing in faith – young or older – have an opportunity to take their faith further, and make a public commitment to the Christian faith. We already have a number of candidates for confirmation but if you, or someone in your family, would like to be confirmed, please contact Rev’d Stephen (720392, stephengoundreysmith@gmail.com)

From the Registers


“You are all children of the light and children of the day”. 1 Thessalonians 5v5

Sally Bacon – St Andrew’s Church, Chedworth – 19th January

Arthur Bruce – St Andrew’s Church, Chedworth – 26th January