Sunday 30th May

Family Communion                                         10.30 am – Chedworth

Services for June 2021

This month, our post-lockdown service pattern begins.

Sunday 6th June

Holy Communion                                            10. 30 am – Coln St Dennis

Sunday 13th June

Holy Communion (BCP)                                  9 am – Chedworth

Holy Communion                                            10.30 am – Coln Rogers

Tea Time Celebration                                   4 pm – Chedworth

Sunday 20th June

Holy Communion (BCP)                                  9 am – Stowell

Family Service                                                10.30 am – Chedworth

Evensong                                                        6 pm – Coln St Dennis

Sunday 27th June

Holy Communion                                            10.30 am – Chedworth

Sunday 4th July

Family Communion                                         10.30 am – Coln St Dennis

Post-Lockdown Services

This month, our post-lockdown service pattern commences. There are some changes in all three parishes across the Benefice. In the Valley, there will be just one Evensong a month throughout the year. At Yanworth and Stowell, we will be using the two church buildings there more equally. And in Chedworth, we will be discontinuing the Tea Time Service after eleven years of fun and engaging with the Bible – with a view to introducing a new community- and family-focused venture in September.

I am very grateful to everyone who was supported our lockdown services during the last year, and especially for coping with rapid changes of service arrangements to make the most of short-notice government guidance. I am particularly thankful to the Churchwardens and Ministry Team for all their advice and wisdom during this time.

Tea Time – Times Change

We have made a decision to discontinue the Tea Time Service, with a view to introducing a new regular community-focused event (or informal service) in September.

At a personal level, I will be sad to see the end of the Tea Time Service, as it was one of my significant innovations on my arrival here 11 years ago, and we have had great congregations and fun together in the fellowship of the Gospel, as we have explored the Bible.

However, times change – and we feel we need to explore new possibilities to engage wth more families and people who are new to our community. What we do in future instead of the Tea Time Service will most likely not be in church – but the Family Service at 10.30 am on the third Sunday on the month will continue to be the place for family-oriented worship in church.

I will be liaising widely to find out what families would like and find valuable from the church – and, if you have any thoughts about this, please do contact me or one of our Ministry Team members – Sally Smith, Helen Oldham, Sheila Bowley or Teresa Irving.

Our final Tea Time Service will take place on Sunday 13th June at 4pm at St Andrew’s Church, Chedworth, when we will be celebrating the Tea Time tears with a special Tea Time Celebration!

Living in Love & Faith

British society is becoming more diverse with more people identifying differently in terms of sexuality, and living in range of relationships and situations. The Church of England is currently reflecting on this deeply in its Living in Love and Faith project, which aims to bring the church to a deeper understanding of how people can flourish in the situations they are in. You can find more information on this at If you would like to know more about this, or would like to have a discussion in confidence, please contact Stephen on 720392 or

 Do you have Star Quality?

Chedworth’s Got Talent will take place this year on Saturday 17th July at Chedworth Playing Field at 2pm.

If you have a talent – whether singing, dancing, music, magic or sport – come and take part. Our panel of (local) celebrity judges are friendly – but they are discerning, and their decision will be final!

There will be great prizes available for the winners. Bar and light refreshments available.

A great family afternoon of entertainment brought to you by St Andrew’s Church, Chedworth! If you’d like to find out more or to take part, please get in touch with Stephen Goundrey-Smith (, 720392)

General admission – £3 per individual and £10 per family. Proceeds in aid of St Andrew’s Church. See separate advert and entry form.

From the Registers


“Let us love one another for love comes from God”. 1 John 4v.7

Craig Hughes & Stacey Dowdle – St Andrew’s Church, Chedworth – 29th May.