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If you need help there are now 2 ways to ask for it:-

1 List of Volunteers 

There is a list of volunteers on this web page. They are villagers who have said that they are willing to provide help. They can be contacted directly using the phone number or email address they have provided, or

2 Fill out a simple form and a volunteer will contact you

Simply fill out your details on the form below and your request will be added to a list showing what help you need and the date you made the request. 

You will then receive an email confirming your request and giving you an ID number and volunteers will receive an email with your phone number, ID number and name (if you have provided it on the form).

Then, just sit back and someone will get in touch.

Once help has been provided 

The volunteer will mark your request as completed but if you still need further help just fill out the form again or contact your volunteer. 

Problems using this Form?

If you are having difficulties with the form please ring Ros Jess on 01285 720248 or Mick Marsh on 01285 720512.

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