Chedworth Hort Soc Show 2021

Chedworth Hort Soc Show 2021

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Child - under 15 on 21st August 2021.

Flower Section

Fruit Section

Vegetable Section

Floral Art Section

Notes for Floral Art Classes: There is a pale blue backing board approximately 36” (91cm) in height and the bench is 30” (76cm) deep

Domestic Section

Adult Handicraft Section

lease note, no kits are to be used for any Handicraft Class. Whilst not essential, entrants are advised to attach a note to their exhibits indicating interesting features such as originality of design or method of construction.

Photographic Section

Photographic exhibits should be 10” X 8” (25cm X20 cm). All entries should preserve the anonymity of the photographer. Exhibitors may enter as many classes as they wish, but may not make more than two entries per class.

Children's Section

This class is sponsored by the Gloucestershire Federation of Gardening Societies.