Get Growing And Save The Date!  

The Chedworth & District Horticultural Society Show will be taking place on Saturday 21st August 2021.  We will be belatedly celebrating the 140th anniversary of the Society.  

Here are the classes you can enter (no charge) and the prizes you can win!

The full schedule and entry forms will be distributed in due course.

Flower Section

1. Collection of three roses, single stems.
2. One  rose, single stem.
3. Display of five fuchsia heads, presented in a bowl of water.
4. Vase of sweet peas.
5. Vase of not more than six kinds of herbaceous annual, biennial of perennial mixed flowers. Vase to be no more than 6″ (15.2cm) internal diameter inside the rim.
6. Three blooms of decorative dahlias.
7. Single spike gladiolus.
8. Three kinds of woody shrubs not including roses.
9. Collection of silver and /or grey foliage in a bowl.
10. A suitable display of one variety of any other flower not listed above.
11. Flowering pot plant of any kind, pot not to be more than 8″ (20.3cm) diameter inside rim.
12. Foliage pot plant of any kind, pot not to be more than 8″ (20.3cm) diameter inside rim.

Fruit Section

30. Four apples of any kind.
31. Heaviest apple.
32. Four stoned fruit of any one kind.
33. Three samples of any fruit.

Vegetable Section


40. Harvest festival trug or basket. A decorative collection of     up to six varieties of vegetable (tomatoes may be included).
41.Collection of up to four kinds of vegetables, (tomatoes may be included) displayed in an area 2.5ft X 2Ft maximum (76.2cm X 61cm)
42. Two rooted lettuce
43. Four carrots
44. Six onions, not to exceed 20oz (575gm) each.
45. Six French beans
46. Six runner beans
47. Three beetroot
48. Four potatoes of any one variety
49. Six shallots.
50. Three courgettes
51. Six tomatoes
52. Dish of six cherry tomatoes.
53. Two cucumbers.
54. Three samples of any other vegetable not listed in classes 42 to 53.
55. The heaviest root vegetable.
56. The heaviest marrow.
57. The longest runner bean.
58. The oddest shaped vegetable.
59. A tied bunch of culinary herbs, not less than three and not more than six varieties, staged in water, varieties to be stated.

Floral Art Section


80. “Happy Birthday “. An arrangement of flowers to celebrate the 140th anniversary of the Chedworth Horticultural Society.
81. “Nature’s Best Friend”. An arrangement celebrating sustainable gardening.
82. “Fragility”. A demonstration of delicacy, using up to three kinds of flowers and foliage.
83. “Victorian Tussie-Mussie”. A small bouquet of flowers that is carried in a paper cone or tin vase  as a gift.
84.“Summer Sunshine”. An arrangement of summer flowers in a jug.
85. “Fizz”. An arrangement of flowers in a champagne glass.

Domestic Section


90. Basket of eggs.
91. One jar of jam. (any stoned fruit).
92. One jar of jam (any soft fruit).
93. One jar of orange or lemon curd.
94. One jar of marmalade.
95. One jar of homemade fruit jelly.
96. One jar of Chutney.
97. Homemade alcoholic beverage (e.g. orange or sloe gin).
98. Homemade non-alcoholic beverage  or cordial.
99. One jar of honey (own produce).
100. A traditional handmade loaf of bread.
101. A plate of six flapjacks.
102. Three scones.
103. Five brownies.
104. A plate of shortbread segments.
105. A Birthday cake celebrating 140th anniversary of the Chedworth and District Horticultural Society.
106. A carrot cake.

Adult Handicraft Section


110. An item of handicraft not using a kit.
111. A painting, drawing, or sketch using any medium, not exceeding 15″ x 12″ (37.5cm X 30cm), not including frame, displayed vertically, not laid on the table.
112. Any sculpture, including wire work, for display on a table top 24in x 24in (60cm  x 60cm).

Please note, no kits are to be used for any Handicraft Class.  Whilst not essential, entrants are advised to attach a note to their exhibits indicating interesting features such as originality of design or method of construction.

Photographic Section


120. Reflections
121. Bird life
122. Woodland Walk
123. Seascape
124. At the show
125. Floral exhibition
126. Farm animal (s)
127. Men at work
128. Cotswold Wall
129. Local item of interest

Photographic exhibits should be 10” X 8” (25cm X20 cm).

Exhibitors may enter as many classes as they wish, but may not make more than two entries per class.  

Children’s Section


150. A computer generated birthday card for the Horticultural  Society’s 140th Anniversary.
151. An animal or monster made from vegetables.
152. A decorated flower pot.
153. A selfie with a pet.
154. A model garden on a base 1ft square (30cm square).

This class is sponsored by the Gloucestershire Federation of Gardening Societies.

155. A posy in an egg cup.
156. A plate of five cupcakes.

Show Prizes

Prizes will be awarded as follows:

First, second and third places will be awarded for each class.

There will be no monetary prize award per class. Instead, prizes will be awarded on the basis of a draw.

Class 1st place winners will be awarded three entries to the draw.
Class 2nd place winners will be awarded two entries to the draw.
Class 3rd place winners will be awarded one entry to the draw.

The following prizes will be awarded on the basis of the draw:

First Prize £140
Second Prize £100
Third Prize £75
Fourth Prize £50
Fifth Prize £25

The draw for the first prize will take place first, followed by draws for the second, third, fourth and fifth prizes.  

No entrant may win more than one prize.  The draw will continue until a different entrant is drawn.