Chedworth Remembers the Great War  – The Book

The stories of the men and women who served and the village they left behind.
Foreword from the book:

“Some 129 men and 2 women of Chedworth served our country in the Great War. They fought on land, sea and in the air as far away from our Cotswold village as India, East Africa, Egypt and Salonika, as well as on the Western Front. Several earned honours for bravery and some never returned and are now remembered on village memorials. However, in 2013, with the centenary of the Great War in prospect, we resolved to:

  • research and record for future generations the stories of those brave men and women
  • research the effect that the Great War had on our village.
  • research and record the stories of those who served and life on the “Home Front”
  • restore the 100 year old wooden Roll of Honour in the church porch
  • engage with our community about aspects of the Great War

Work on the project should have started forty years before when many of the men who went to war were still within our community, but the opportunity has largely been lost and cannot be reclaimed from history. However, the Roll of Honour in the porch of St Andrew’s church has been the rock on which this project has been built and we owe a huge debt of gratitude to our villagers of 100 years ago for creating this unique record.

Chedworth Remembers - The Book

Chedworth Remembers – The Book

Home computers linked to the internet have been our primary 21st century tools enabling us to research, to contact people and to assemble information on a scale that even ten years ago would have been impossible. We have gained in depth much of what has been lost in personal and first-hand accounts of the Great War, and we are grateful for a number of relatives who have come forward with stories and photographs of this period. Nevertheless, there remain gaps in our information that have proved impossible to fill.

We have deposited with the Gloucester Archives digital copies of everything that we have used in this project including newspaper articles, images of original documents, photographs, lists, correspondence and a lessons learned report in the hope that it will be of use to future researchers.

Download your copy here.

The Chedworth Remembers the Great War project has been an interesting and rewarding experience for all of us involved and we hope that you, the reader, feel that the result is a worthy tribute to those of our village who served.”

Mike Tovey and Peter Seymour
Chedworth, March 2016