2018 Chedworth Village Hall Survey

On behalf of the Village Hall Committee we need your help!

As residents of Chedworth the new Committee is keen to understand your views of this important village asset and how you think it could be better utilised within the community in the future and also what improvements, if any, should be considered in its development.

This questionnaire will only take a few minutes of your time, and the Committee will greatly value your response to it.

Thank you

Chedworth Village Hall Committee

Simon Colbeck (Chairman), John Selway (Vice Chairman and Bookings), Myra Burridge (Treasurer), Sadie Tyler-Sibbald (Secretary), Sheila Miles, Val Loveday, Adam Manning, Robert Young, Geoff Bailey, Graham Stock, Pete Heaps, David Musgrave, Colin Peirce, George Broad, Martin Harrison, Sarah Smith, Angharad Fitch and Iain Robertson

Your personal data will not be published

All personal data will be held by the Village Hall Committee and treated as confidential. It will be used only for the purpose of collating results and compiling the Village Hall Plan. No data will be published in such a way as to identify the responses of an individual or household.

2018 Village Hall Survey